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Sending Money Home

What better way to send money to friends or family abroad than to send them a Payzone Worldwide Money MasterCard®. It is the most secure and cost effective way for you to share funds with loved ones overseas. Your friends or family will be able use the funds at over 30 million locations worldwide - a real alternative to traditional money transfer companies.

Sharing money with the Payzone Worldwide Money card is a quick, easy and very cost effective:

  • No documents to fill out
  • Competitive exchange rates with MasterCard
  • Money available instantly once top up is completed

Save Money on Transfer Fees

See how much you would save if you wanted to send €100 to someone abroad:

Country Payzone Worldwide Money Fee Western Union Fee Payzone Worldwide Money Saving
Poland €3.50 €7.90 €4.40
Nigeria €3.50 €13.80 €10.30

It Couldn't be Simpler

  • 1) Purchase a Payzone worldwide money card and send to your friend or family
  • 2) Top up between €10 and €150 instantly, using the One Time Loading card
  • 3) Register the card online at

That's it! The receiver can either withdraw the funds from an ATM or spend the money anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. The best thing is the only cost you will incur is the price of the load fee!

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