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Register for Parking Tags

Pay for your Dublin City Council Parking Tag

Registering for Parking Tag couldn't be easier when using your Payzone Worldwide Money card. Take the hassle out of paying for parking by completing the following simple steps:

  1. Set up your account online at
  2. You will need to provide the company with some personal details and your credit card information.
  3. Once you receive your tag activate it by and display it on your windscreen. By setting up a web account you will receive your tag for FREE.
  4. Next time you wish to park just send the required text to 53311.
  5. Your Payzone worldwide money card will be charged the fee automatically.
  6. When your credit runs low your card will be deducted an agreed amount and your account will automatically be topped up.

Why run the risk of getting clamped when you have a Prepaid MasterCard that can take all the hassle out of city centre parking. Register your Payzone worldwide money card for a parking tag today and start enjoying the benefits of more convenient city centre parking.

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