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No Bank Account?

The perfect alternative to a bank account

Payzone Worldwide Money gives customers the benefits of both a bank account and a credit card without the need for either! Are you tired of experiencing unexpected bank charges and filling out lots of paperwork? If you want to protect and keep better control of your money, then Payzone Worldwide Money has the answer.

Approval Guaranteed*

  • 100% acceptance if you are over 18 and hold a valid Passport or Driver's Licence
  • Open an account without documents, interviews or delays
  • No minimum income, balance or employment requirements
  • Buy online in a few minutes

No hidden fees – complete visibility

  • No overdraft, late payment or interest charges
  • Simple account management – track balance and spending online 24/7
  • Purchase items up to the value of €2,500
  • Extend your limit to €15,000 free of charge

Bill Pay Made Easy

  • Make payments to any companies that accept debit or credit cards
  • Manage the payment of utility bills such as electricity or telephone over the phone or online
  • Set up regular payments for anything from satellite to broadband

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