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Credit Card

If you find yourself paying too much on credit card fees and charges, Payzone Worldwide Money has the answer! Our Prepaid MasterCard allows you to purchase online, in-store and withdraw from ATMs worldwide, anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. A real alternative to a regular credit card.

Prepaid Vs Credit

Prepaid Card Credit Card
No bank account required Bank account required
No credit checks Credit check to approve card, decide credit limit and set interest rate
No line of credit (so no debt) Line of credit that can be increased over time
No interest charges Interest charges on money borrowed against the credit limit, if there is an outstanding balance after the interest-free period.
Pay now, buy later Buy now, pay later

Prepaid is the new way to pay

Why stress yourself out worrying about your ever growing credit card balances. Make this a thing of the past by choosing to use Prepaid. Get a Payzone worldwide money card today and start enjoying the benefits of debt free shopping!!

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